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Piranon Nawakulpun

PHP Developer

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I'm a software developer based in Bangkok, specialising in building web applications, consider myself full-stack developer but I tend to work more on the back-end

Latest Projects

Stores Management System

Stores Management System

A comprehensive customer management system. The product category, product attribute management system. Brand, Menufacturer, Vendor management system. Build with PHP Codeigniter, mysql and angularjs


Tweets Map Open Source

Simple PHP application with best coding practises base on Phalcon (framework), allows the user to search for a city and displays tweets that mention the city on a map. Using the Twitter API find all tweets that contain the name of the location and are within 50km of the location and Cache the tweets results for 1 hour on mongodb

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ThailandHoro Website

Provides free horoscopes, free thai traditional astrological forecast, Also natal charts, astro-match, tarot card reading. Build with PHP Codeigniter, mysql, using files cache for static contents to get the best performance

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108ThaiHome Website

Free classified ads for Homes For Sale and everything else, Using google map api for display and recode coordinates the Location given by the user. Build with PHP Codeigniter, mysql and jquery

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Siam4friend Website

The social network build for Thai peoples to make friends and get the best relationships. Provides the real time chatroom, also the timeline for record your memories, Build with Phalcon (framework) and using MongoDB as the primary database, Node.js and socket.io for chatroom

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Work Experience

Backend Engineer (PHP) - Rockyou (October 2016 - Present)

  • Maintaining and fixing bug on back-end and micro services

Software developer - Gomeeki (July 2015 - October 2016)

  • Designed, developed back-end and micro services with best practices using silex and symfony 2 framework
  • Developed and maintained the front-end using react and redux js

Founder - Siam4friend.com (June 2012 - Present)

  • Full stack developer

Senior Engineer - PHP - Kaidee.com (July 2012 - July 2015)

  • Designed and Developed a web services layer to interface with kaidee mobile application used agile methodologies such as test driven development (TDD) and pair programming on phalcon php framework.
  • Participate in design and implement fully automated Continuous Integration processes with bamboo
  • Developed and maintained the web services layer to interface with olx mobile application using laravel framework.
  • Developed and maintained the frontend and backend functionality of http://www.kaidee.com website using codeigniter framework.
  • Database: mysql, solr , gsa, elasticsearch, memcache, mongodb, redis

PHP Programmer - Sanook Online Limited. (sanook.com) (December 2010 - July 2012)

  • Developed and maintained S! Classified website (classified.sanook.com)
  • Developed and maintained S! Coupon website (coupon.sanook.com)
  • Developed and maintained S! Tophome website (tophome.sanook.com)
  • Developed and maintained S! Topcar website (topcar.sanook.com)

Web developer - Media Thai Communications (September 2010 - August 2010)

  • Developed large-scale website.